E-mail from Michael Hammerson of the Civic Trust, 6 January 2004


Role of Historic Buildings in Regeneration:

Preparation for Oral Evidence to the ODPM Select Committee


Following our submission of written evidence to the ODPM Select Committee Inquiry into the Role of Historic Buildings in Regeneration (of which you should all have had an e-mailed copy), we have now been asked to submit oral evidence. The session will be on January 26th , which is very tight notice, but it has been rearranged from January 12th, which would have been even tighter.

It would be very helpful if you could, as soon as possible, let us have examples from your own experience of:


   where historic buildings have contributed, either in themselves or as part of a regeneration scheme, to life in their locality in a material way (and which would also impress the Committee!);


   problems of recruitment of staff with Conservation skills;


   problems of towns with poor, or no, conservation areas, and the impact on local regeneration.


   any other relevant information which would help us to make the case, with particular reference to our original written submission, including successful initiatives supported by Local Authorities.

   Your views on whether those organisations responsible for Urban Regeneration give sufficient regard to Historic Buildings and Public Spaces  (e.g. RDAs, English Partnerships, Housing Corporations, Highways Agency, etc.)


Please copy this to individual societies in your areas and urge them to respond direct to us.



Michael Hammerson