Updated 10 October 2006

This page lists recent Press Notices from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and those from the Department for Transport and their predecessor department, the DTLR, that are likely to be of interest to ANTAS members. We aim to bring it up to date every 2 weeks or so. If you are aware of any interesting items that we have omitted, please e-mail us. You can now register on both the ODPM and the DfT websites to receive an e-mail whenever they issue Press Notices falling within topics that you have selected. (Click on the links above and then on "Register for News Updates".) 

Links for DfT Press Notices before 17 October 2002 and those for ODPM before 12 December 2002 no longer work. To find earlier notices, go to the ODPM or DfT Press Notice page and do a search on the relevant month using the information below.

1 February 2005 Sustainable Development - PPS1 issued.  New emphasis on good design.
24 January 2005 Affordable housing - changes announced to PPG3.
21 December 2004 Gypsies - draft circular issued.  See also 27 January 2005 and 7 March 2005
16 December 2004 Renewable energy - guide issued to the implementation of PPS22.
15 December 2004 "Planning made easy" - new guide issued to the planning system.
9 December 2004 Mobile phone masts - Government encourages local authorities to "think strategically".
18 November 2004 Gypsy encampments - Obligation on local authorities to provide sites; temporary stop notices to prevent illegal development.
5 November 2004 Regional Assemblies - North-East voters turn down elected assembly
2 November 2004 Planning Obligations - Circular issued on section 106 agreements including affordable housing.
14 October 2004 Travel to School - School Transport Bill introduced in Parliament - 10m funding.
23 September 2004 Bikes and School - Bicycle industry funds Bike to School schemes.
17 September 2004 Bike and Rail - Good practice guide issued by DfT and the Countryside Agency.
8 September 2004 Biodiversity and geological conservation - PPS9 issued. (For the full texts of PPSs see the link on our PPGs and PPGs  page.)
7 September 2004 Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Frameworks - PPS11 and PPS12 issued.
9 August 2004 Renewable Energy - PPS22 issued.
3 August 2004 Country House Design - new PPS7 encourages innovative architecture in the countryside.
2 August 2004 Growth Strategy for Milton Keynes and South Midlands - independent report issued.
20 July 2004 Heathrow Assessment - information on Government's assessment work on the future of Heathrow (including a third runway) issued.
16 July 2004 South-East Regional Transport Strategy launched - being a partial revision of RPG9 (and later, of the Regional Spatial Strategy).
16 June 2004 Walking and Cycling Action Plan issued.
16 June 2004 Consultation on Local Government - Nick Raynsford issues pamphlet seeking views on people's 10-year vision for local government. 
12 May 2004 Design Coding - Pilots announced of new system to encourage good design.
7 April 2004 NHS Land - Transfer to ODPM of NHS land for affordable homes.
5 April 2004 Planning Appeals - Consultation on pilot project to make appeals faster and more efficient.
29 March 2004 Green belt - "More green belt than ever before."
29 March 2004 High hedges - Government launches consultation on action under Anti-Social Behaviour Act.
25 March 2004 Central Railway - Government decides not to support Parliamentary Bill.
2 March 2004 Environmental Assessment - implementation of EU Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive requires earlier environmental assessment.
25 February 2004 Planning Enforcement - immediate stop power without prior enforcement notice.
12 February 2004 New planning power for Elected Regional Assemblies - to order rejection of planning applications that are against the regional interest.

20 January 2004

"Flexible buses" - new types of demand-responsive bus services to be allowed from February..

14 January 2004

Consultation on changes to Planning Appeals Process - third parties to receive details of appellant's case 3 weeks before hearing.

14 January 2004

Guaranteed role for County Councils in new Planning System - amendments to Planning Bill.

14 January 2004

Environmental Improvements in the South-East - including Marston Vale and Dunstable.

22 December 2003

Sustainable Transport applicants short-listed - none in South-East.

18 December 2003

Local Transport Allocations - including guided buses between Luton and Dunstable.

16 December 2003

Future of Air Transport - 180-page White Paper and a series of statements issued - all downloadable.

12 December 2003

LAs get greater powers over statutory undertakers - Traffic Management Bill published.

9 December 2003

"Living spaces" programme - first tranche of community grants announced.

27 November 2003

Use classes order - changes to differentiate between pubs and restaurants.

20 November 2003

Creating Sustainable Communities - new PPS to be issued "at turn of year".

12 November 2003

Local Development Frameworks - guides issued to complement PPS12.

6 November 2003

Planning Obligations - Government proposes alternative of a cash charge.

5 November 2003

Planning Guidance on Renewable Energy - draft PPS22 issued for consultation.

27 October 2003

Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive - Government guidance document issued.

21 October 2003

Driving Up Standards in the Built Environment - "Better Buildings Summit" referring to Sustainable Communities Plan - see 16 July and 5 February below

13 October 2003

"Planning Shakeup" - several new consultation documents issued including drafts of PPS11 and PPS12.  Click to go to the ODPM web page where these are now available.

3 October 2003

Community Strategies and Local Development Frameworks - report issued on how they can be linked.

15 September 2003

Planning Policy Statement - PPS7 (Countryside) issued for consultation.

5 September 2003

Neighbourhood management - new awards scheme launched.

4 September 2003

Planning system changes - appeals must be lodged within 3 months, planning authorities must give reasons for consents, RDAs to be consulted in certain cases.

2 September 2003

Transport and Works Act - consultation on measures to speed up applications.

14 August 2003

Neighbourhood Managers and Street Wardens - 21m additional funding.

29 July 2003

Improving Parks and Open Spaces - 89m to be spread across 27 programmes.

17 July 2003

Protecting the Historic Environment - consultation document launched by DCMS, to lead to White Paper; and revision by ODPM in 2004 of PPG15 and PPG16 (to be PPS15).

17 July 2003

Planning Policy on Housing - two consultation documents issued with proposed changes to PPG3, on transfer of employment land and influencing the type of housing.  (Both links now work.)

16 July 2003

Sustainable Communities Plan - "Making it Happen". A wide-ranging report replying to the Select Committee and referring to the Plan (see 5 Feb below) detailing the Government's proposed growth areas in the South-East. Click for cover and main document.

9 July 2003

7billion road programme announced. Also a discussion paper "Managing our roads".

19 June 2003

Government funds for cycling doubled - to 2.2million.

16 June 2003

Elected Regional Assemblies - referendums to be held in NW, NE and Y/H regions.

22 May 2003

Empty Homes - new consultation paper issued - more powers to councils.

12 May 2003

Demand Responsive Transport - decisions on more flexible regulation of bus services.

8 May 2003

Regional Assemblies Bill gets Royal Assent. Decision on first referendum soon.

11 April 2003

Town centre retailing - statement issued clarifying government policy; comprehensive update of PPG6  promised for later.

8 April 2003

Elected regional assemblies - extended consultation period, including separate referendums in two-tier areas about unitary options.

8 April 2003

Delivery of housing targets - speech by DPM on responsibilities of planning authorities.

7 April 2003

Airports consultation - bird strike study published.

7 April 2003

Satellite dishes - consultation - 3-month consultation on options including full deregulation.

31 March 2003

Housing Bill Published - including mandatory licensing of HMOs.

27 March 2003

Accessibility in the Built Environment - Good Practice Guide issued.

26 March 2003

West Coast Main Line - Plans approved under TWA subject to conditions.

17 March 2003

Award for Innovation in Sustainable Communities - Project nominations needed by 22 April.

27 February 2003

Airports in the South-East - Revised consultation document issued, to include Gatwick after successful legal challenge. Consultation deadline now 30 June 2003.

24 February 2003

Elected Regional Assemblies - Government chases responses to its consultation on referendums on elected regional assemblies before the 3 March deadline (now 16 May). 

10 February 2003

Planning Delivery Grant - 350m package over 3 years, including for achieving targets such as completing Local Development Frameworks by 2006

5 February 2003

Housing the people - housing package: spatial allocation in the south-east, funds for brownfield land remediation and affordable housing

5 February 2003

Sustainable communities plan - 22bn - "Building for the Future" - click for plan.

5 February 2003

Spaces between the places - 201m for parks and open spaces

30 January 2003

Rural Bus Challenge - results announced - 20m for 46 schemes including 350k for Wycombe District.

20 January 2003

Review of local government funding - expert review to be chaired by Nick Raynsford MP

9 January 2003

Cycling projects fund launched - grants of between 250 and 50,000

30 December 2002

5million scheme to improve safety of High Streets - more lighting, footpaths widening, signalled crossings and 20mph zones

12 December 2002

Performance of councils in delivering public services - review published

10 December 2002

5.5billion transport improvements announced

5 December 2002

Local government's role in combatting litter, graffiti, dog fouling etc - speech by Barbara Roche referring to recent DEFRA initiative.

4 December 2002

Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill launched, to implement the Green Paper proposals (including abolition of County Structure Plans)

2 December 2002

"Your Region - Your Say" - Government proposals and consultation document on directly elected regional assemblies.

28 November 2002

Local Government Act 2000 - Government publishes response to Select Committee report

14 November 2002

Regional Assemblies Referendums - Regional Assemblies (Preparations) Bill published (referred to in White Paper - see 9 May below)

11 November 2002

Siting of Mobile Phone Masts - new code of practice issued.

31 October 2002

Open Spaces - report on open spaces and urban green spaces, with review of existing powers and rights. 

17 October 2002

New funding to modernise street lighting - first bidding round in March.

8 October 2002

Urban Renaissance award - bids for DPM's scheme listed.

3 October 2002

Road safety scheme for volunteers to visit schools - 3m scheme announced.

30 September 2002

Amalgamation of Housing Inspectorates announced.

27 September 2002

Review of the Planning Enforcement System in England - consultation launched

13 September 2002

Good practice guide launched on sport and recreational facilities

12 September 2002

Brownfield land statistics issued - available previously developed land in each region etc

4 September 2002

Cycle parking - leaflet issued and available on-line.

2 September 2002

Freedom of Information Act in local government - consultation launched

21 August 2002

Temporary Uses Provision retained - no change to any use for 28 days per year 

9 August 2002

A Flexible Future for Bus Services - consultation launched

6 August 2002

Review of bus subsidies - consultation launched

5 August 2002

Travel Plans - two new guides issued

26 July 2002

Flexible Transport Services - New information booklet available for downloading on whole range of bus and taxi services including Demand Responsive Transport.

24 July 2002

Open Spaces and Playing Fields - new PPG17 issued, good practice guide on the way.

24 July 2002

Regeneration Role for English Partnerships - including developing a "national brownfield strategy"

23 July 2002

Future development of Air Transport in the UK - 6 consultation papers issued.

18 July 2002

New Housing Expenditure Plans - including affordable housing.

18 July 2002

Sustainable Communities, Housing and Planning - DPM's statement.
Planning to Drive Communities' Future
- Three Government policy statements following the Planning Green Papers.

11 July 2002

New on-line Planning Officers' Society Guide to Best Value and Planning launched.

9 July 2002

Making Development Plans - new best practice guide to local authorities emphasising public participation, available on line.

9 July 2002

DPM Speech to LGA Association Conference - an up-to-date tour of the horizon.

5 July 2002

New approach to tackling unauthorised traveller camps - new strategy announced.

2 July 2002

Town centres put on Interactive Map - maps available on-line showing detail of town centre economic activity - London pilot only at this stage.

28 June 2002

Home Zone Design Guidance launched - for shared space between vehicles, pedestrians and other road users.

28 June 2002

Planning Authorities' Performance in determining planning applications (ranked out of 293!)

12 June 2002

Draft Local Government Bill published, to increase freedoms for councils.

27 May 2002

New draft Sustainable Development Strategy issued for comments.

13 May 2002

New rules for Inquiries into Major Projects such as airports. Rules laid before Parliament and also a DTLR Circular

10 May 2002

Telephone Kiosk Advertising - Government announces new regulations that will give deemed consent to telephone kiosk glass advertising subject to "certain conditions and limitations".

9 May 2002


8 May 2002

Planning on-line - Government chivvies local authorities to get their planning work on-line - two-thirds of authorities do not yet have a dedicated planning website.

8 May 2002

Government welcomes Select Committee report (20 March) on Empty Homes.

10 April 2002

Abandoned car crack-down - local authorities can now remove abandoned cars after 24 hours.

28 March 2002

20m for better bus time information - 19 schemes to be supported to tell passengers when next bus is due (none in the ANTAS area)

26 March 2002

New guidance to local authorities on motorcycle parking - including use of fixed securing structures

19 March 2002

Possible intervention in Thurrock's Constitution - S of S minded to intervene for directly elected mayor

14 March 2002

2m Cycling Fund - Bids invited for Cycling Projects Fund - National Cycling Strategy

4 March 2002

"Rental" system trialled - Camden and Middlesbrough are charging utilities 650 per day for digging up roads.

14 February 2002

Bristol seminar - DTLR indicates how planning tariffs as proposed in the Green Paper could provide funds for affordable housing

24 January 2002

Change of use - proposed changes to Use Classes Order - consultation document

19 December 2001

Changes proposed to planning obligation rules - consultation document.

17 December 2001

New Parliamentary procedures for major projects - consultation document - principle of major projects to be decided by Parliament not by Planning Inquiry 

14 December 2001

Public attitudes to mayors - survey indicating majority support direct election of mayors

14 December 2001

Local authorities' planning determinations - turn-round performance for every council

12 December 2001

Faster, fairer planning for all - GREEN PAPER ISSUED (available on line). Also consultation papers on planning obligations and compulsory purchase/compensation.

3 December 2001

Speed camera visibility - new rules announced.

29 November 2001

Planning service on-line - 4.2m contracts awarded for next phase of Planning Portal and Planning Casework Service.

2 November 2001

Unauthorised camping - Good Practice Guide on gypsies and travellers to be revised.

31 October 2001

Abandoned vehicles - new package of measures proposed.

26 October 2001

Street wardens - 120 new schemes announced.

17 October 2001

New parks scheme announced - 6.5m in first tranche to transform derelict land.

16 October 2001

Review of English Partnerships announced.

11 September 2001

"Better Places To Live" - Guide to housing design issued jointly by DTLR and CABE, available on-line.

7 September 2001

On-line tracking of planning appeals - Government announces 3.2m to enable public to access all documents relating to planning appeals. Also reference to the forthcoming Planning Green Paper.

6 September 2001

Extra funding for regional chambers - Puzzled about the new Regional Chambers - see if this helps!

5 September 2001

Urban Regeneration Companies - Report on their work so far

13 August 2001

Life-saving cameras to be made more visible - Requirement that speed cameras be signed and highly visible

25 July 2001

Land use change in England - Recent statistics on use of brown fields and housing densities

17 July 2001

Final PPG25 issued - Planning guidance on flood risk

12 July 2001

Hastings Multi-modal Study - Whole consultants' report on Hastings Bypass etc available for downloading.

10 July 2001

Paving the Way to Better Roads - New Code of Practice on maintenance of roads and pavements announced.

21 June 2001

Urban Bus Challenge launched - 46m over 3 years.

20 June 2001

Funding for Local Authority Public Service Agreements - 300m over 2 years.

18 June 2001

Tackling the School Run - Government commitment to more choice

12 June 2001

Traffic Advisory Leaflets issued on Bus-Based Park & Ride, Cycling Bibliography, Traffic Calming Bibliography and Bus Priority

9 June 2001

"Changes to the Department" - DETR split between DTLR and DEFRA.

24 April 2001

Home Zones - Funds for schemes to give pedestrians, cyclists and children greater priority in residential streets

11 April 2001

Improving access to information on local government - consultation document issued

2 April 2001

Overrunning street repairs - new power to fine statutory undertakers

28 Mar 2001

New light rail and road schemes - 1bn funding

27 Mar 2001

Tradable Landfill Permits - consultation document issued

27 Mar 2001

Local Strategic Partnerships - new guidance issued

27 Mar 2001

New PPG13 issued - Transport

23 Mar 2001

Taking forward the Urban White Paper - the latest steps

22 Mar 2001

Regional Planning Guidance for the South-East - final RPG9 published - including Bucks, Herts and Beds!

21 Mar 2001

Amendments to PPG7 - diversification and development of agricultural land

21 Mar 2001

Integrated Transport Planning -  14 Centres of Excellence named

19 Mar 2001

Waterways Summit - potential of inland waterways for rural and urban regeneration

16 Mar 2001

Mobile Phone Masts - new consultation and planning requirements

13 Mar 2001

Conservation Areas - new controls on demolition of unlisted buildings

9 Mar 2001

Regional Development Agencies - new performance targets

1 Mar 2001

Rural Regeneration Toolkit - including Community Service Fund and Parish Transport Fund

6 Feb 2001

Consultation launched on revised draft of PPG25 - flood risk

31 Jan 2001

Land Use Change in England - the latest statistics

30 Jan 2001

Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 - summary of provisions entering into force

29 Jan 2001

Urban green spaces - launch of Urban Green Spaces Taskforce

25 Jan 2001

APOS - Annual report of Advisory Panel on Standards for the Planning Inspectorate

18 Jan 2001

Listed building consents - simplified arrangements in London

15 Jan 2001

New tools for neighbourhood renewal - pilot neighbourhood managements schemes

22 Dec 2000

Action to improve poor planning performance - 15 councils named for new targets , none in the ANTAS area

14 Dec 2000

Brown field sites - issue of good practice guide "Tapping the Potential" on Urban Capacity Studies

14 Dec 2000

Local Transport Settlement announced - with list of major new schemes, none in the ANTAS area

13 Dec 2000

Homes Bill presented to Parliament - with a variety of provisions including some relating to renovation of homes in deprived areas

5 Dec 2000

Central-Local Partnership - update focusing on flood protection

17 Nov 2000

UK Climate Change Programme launched - prior to the conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

14 Nov 2000

Improving wetland protection - Government policy on Ramsar Convention

13 Nov 2000

Local roads budget doubled - budget for local roads repair increased to 535m per annum

18 Oct 2000

Local Government Act 2000 - entry into force of Part I of the Act in England