From: andrew sangster []
Sent: 26 September 2011 16:33
To: Vernon Porter; Tony Molesworth; Tony Grice; Tony Fooks; Tim Field; Teresa Travell; Susan Johnson; Shuan O'Reilly; Sandy Saunders; Ron Waters; Roger King; Roderick McCulloch; Richard Hannah; Peter Trevelyan; Peter Diplock; Mike Peters; Mike Overall; Merrin Molesworth; Martin Brooks; Martin Blunkell; Linda Haysey; Ken Rumens; Keith Robinson; Joyce Jackson; John Taylor; John Rhodes; John Marks; John Davies; Jane Clark; Graham Taylor; Geraldine Marshall Andrew; Frances Presland; Eva Lipman; Euan Felton; Derek Cooper; David Whitaker; David Peevers; David Pamington; Chris Woodman;; Catherine Kilhams; Carolyn Cumming; Carol Clark; Angela Marshall; Alastair Maclean; Alan Fleck; Oliver Statham; Jill Singer; John Roper
Subject: ANTAS Meeting
As already advised the next meeting of ANTAS will be in Marlow on 22nd October. The AGM element will be dispatched quickly in order to devote most of the time to the Localism Bill and the draft National Planning Policy Framework document currently out for consultation. Our two speakers will be Dr. John Howells, MP for Henley and PPS to Greg Clarke, Minister for Decentralisation and Localism, and Tony Burton, Director of Civic Voice. Dr. Howells has been heavily involved in the developement of both the Bill and the NPPF and Tony has been at the forefront of the negotiations on the content of both. Under the proposals in both the legislation and the guidance the planning process will be very different in future. This meeting offers an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding how it is intended to work and to ask questions. With that in mind, the Executive Committee extends the invitation to attend to all members of ANTAS societies. Please make sure that all your members who are involved in local planning are aware of this invitation and encourage them to attend. You might even wish to invite your local councillors. We will also be inviting other near-by amenity organisations to send representatives. 
Formal papers will be circulated within the next two weeks.